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Brits only willing to pay 253 for pension advice

On average, those planning to make a withdrawal from their pension pots would be willing to pay just 253 for advice, a survey has shown. Website commissioned One Poll to survey 669 over-55 year olds with a pension and found that just one fifth would be willing to pay for it, dropping to just […]

Overseas public sector pension loophole closes

20th AUGUST 2015 As promised in the last Budget, new government regulations are set to come in on the 7th September this year which will allow expats with unfunded public sector pensions to transfer their pots abroad. Since the pension freedoms came into force on 6 April, changes under the Pensions Schemes Act 2015 have […]

Royal London calls for retirement risk warning improvement

20th August 2015 Retirement risk warnings must be refined to improve consumer decision making and choice when accessing their pension pots, according to Royal London, following new research into what their clients have been doing since the April reforms. In particular, the provider wants the Financial Conduct Authority to put more importance on initial tax […]

‘Scandal’ of the advisers who keep fees secret

HOW easy is it to compare the cost of advice? Not very, it seems. Of the largest 100 independent financial advisers (IFAs) in Britain, only 11 publish charges on their websites. The rest typically require a face-to-face meeting as they argue that costs depend on the complexity of an individual’s circumstances. Critics say some people […]