Set up in February 2015 by industry professionals, Compare Investments Dot Guru (CIDG) has formulated a comprehensive strategy to become the only source of impartial and trusted financial product comparisons and reporting in the marketplace today. CIDG already reports on and compares, most of the readily available Alternative Investment products today. Furthermore, it does this without payment for this service from any Product Providers, Promoters, Funds, Broking House or Investment Houses, making the comparisons / reporting uniquely uncompromised, and a first for the Investment industry. The reports and comparison information are available online on annual subscription, with the first live service at reporting on and comparing SEIS, EIS, VCT and BPR products.

The Alternative Investment marketplace has only one place to go for objective, transparent and uncompromised comparisons and reporting on Alternative financial products, Now, Investors and IFAs have a straightforward and easy way of comparing investment opportunities on a like-for-like basis. With clear scoring and objective reporting, so that Investors and IFAs can do real, and meaningful comparisons of products, and see the scores given to them across 5 areas of investigation;

Fees & Charges -Investment Offer – Commercial Opportunity – Risk Factors – Management Team.

Investors and IFAs can now access over 120 reports and scores covering the Alternative Investment marketplace today, with a low-cost annual subscription. The site is simple and easy-to-use, with the facility to compare, view objective product scores and download full technical reports on each individual investment product.

What is the CAIDG opportunity & why does it exist?

  • Government is encouraging alternative investments such as SEIS-EIS-VCT & BPR via generous tax breaks
  • CAIDG is the only objective, transparent and unbiased single point of reference for all of the alternative investments on offer
  • Comparison Sites drive today’s marketplace in financial products
  • Product and Technical Report Competition in the alternative investment Market is: ‘Naive, dated, subjective & expensive’
  • The only place Investors and IFAs have to perform professional, comprehensive due diligence is CAIDG
  • There is no other single point of reference whereby comparisons can be made across the complete range of independent SEIS & EIS, SEIS/EIS Funds, VCT or BPR.

What is the CAIDG business model ?

  • CAIDG is a Directory-based comparison site, not unlike ‘Compare the Market’
  • Financial product and technical reporting competition in this marketplace is compromised, subjective, opaque and expensive
  • CAIDG has the first mover advantage, and online this is essential for market dominance and financial success.

How will CAIDG make money and when?

  • Sales of the service to HNWIs, IFAs, Sophisticated Investors & Elective Professional Clients on 1-year minimum contracts (CAIDG already has 189 registered subscribers)
  • Online advertising sales to subscriber relevant brands
  • Sales of additional reports outside the standard subscription terms
  • Market re-launch in September 2016

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